Doll Accessories Can Educate

Wholesale doll clothes are a simple addition to a wonderful and well loved toy. As a child dresses a doll they learn the concepts that will help them learn to dress themselves. Most doll clothing has velcro, buttons, or snaps that help the child master those skills. Doll clothing helps the child grow in confidence as they learn to dress their doll by themselves. Other concepts such as modesty and etiquette can be learned as children play with these accessories. The many textures of clothing such as frilly lace, fuzzy velvet, smooth silk and soft cotton are great for tactile purposes.Beds, cribs, and playpens help the child teach their doll the concept of night and day. Bedtime routines can be taught by helping the child use the same routine with their doll. Other routines that can be taught with the use of a doll include toilet training and taking a bath. Accessories such as bath tubs, flushing toilets, and combs are great for teaching those routines.Some accessories look real and mimic everyday items used by real babies. Changing pads and diapers come in many varieties and sets. Some bottles have liquid inside them that freely moves around when the bottle is tipped. There are baby food jars that are made to look as though they are filled with real food. Many spoons are made small for the doll just as they are for a live baby. Some car seats and strollers are made to look like popular brands and come in bright and attractive colors.Parents can use these and other accessories to aide in teaching their young children important principles and concepts. Doll accessories are great for teaching and also add great measures of fun when playing with the doll. Accessories can be found at most toy stores and doll shops. Wholesale doll clothes and accessories can be found online for those on a budget.

Mardi Gras Jewelry and Accessories

If you think about it, why would anyone go to a big box clothing store to purchase fashion jewelry accessories? It’s always the smaller shops that have the best selection of this, and for good reason. The small business caters to costume jewelry and all of its accessories.In the United States, Mardi Gras celebrations are an important part of local culture. At this time of year the music is being played on the radio in many areas and women have “what to wear” on their mind. These women are going to visit jewelry stores to accessorize their outfits this year… and the time is now! The fact is that small businesses is where people go for their Mardi Gras jewelry and accessories.Mardi Gras is no longer for New Orleans and Louisiana only. It has spread, and continues to spread. Why not have this jewelry in your store to not only meet the need, but show that you are on the cutting edge of fashion and accessorizing. Expect this to be a big seller this year. In the Gulf Coast, Texas and surrounding areas it has already caught on enough to be a must have. The rest of the country is rapidly catching up. You need to be on the bandwagon and ready to sell when your shop door opens and they come looking.What sells best? Everything sells but pins are the number one item for spreading the seasonal spirit. The most popular themes in brooches are jesters, crowns, masks and comedy/tragedy. Gold plating with epoxy adding the traditional colors of purple, gold, and green leave no doubt-this is Carnival season.Mardi Gras earrings are also very good and, actually, harder to find. Many match the pins. If you have these in stock you could be the “go to store” for these items. Look for matching earrings also to offer your customers a well rounded variety of Mardi Gras jewelry.Bracelets have a wide range of applications. Charm bracelets use charms to tell different aspects of the story. Some themes are parades, masks, New Orleans and Mardi Gras in general. They are a favorite for locals who wear them or give them as favors and also popular as souvenirs for tourists to take home as a reminder of the fun event.Like Valentine’s, group Mardi Gras together in your shop to make a statement and add some decoration in purple, gold, and green to attract interest.